Bringing together professionals from across the sector and province, the inaugural EBIC Conference a huge success.  Taking place on October 25-26 at the Hilton Meadowvale Hotel In Mississauga, the EBIC conference focused on best practices, tools and information to help hone company business plans and grow your network in a rapidly evolving industry.

The EDA has made innovation a key aspect of the association’s plans moving forward.  In direct correlation with  the EDA recent vision paper: “The Power to Connect”. the EBIC conference was intended to help prepare the electricity industry today for tomorrow’s consumer – a smarter, more sophisticated and connected customer that is driving change in our sector.

The EDA would like to thank everyone for attending as well as our corporate sponsors who make events like this possible.  Stay tuned for announcements regarding next year’s event!

2017 EBIC Presenters

We are thankful to our 2017 EBIC presenters, who shared their valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities around innovative energy initiatives and insights into the future market place.

Fab Dolan
Head of Marketing, Google Canada
Ted Graham
Head of Innovation, GM Canada
Gary Edgar
Principal, East End Digital
Glen Martin
CEO & Founder, Infrastructure Energy
John Gorman
President & CEO, CanSia
Lisa Taylor
Founder & President, Challenge Factory
Lyne Parent-Garvey
Chief Human Resources Officer, Hydro Ottawa
Arun Mani
US Power & Utilities Strategist & Transformation Leader, KPMG
Neetika Sathe
Director, Advanced Planning, Alectra Inc.
Travis Allan
Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP
Kelly Peters
Co-Founder & CEO, BE Works


2017 EBIC Presentations

Keynote Speakers

How Technology is Redefining Possibility

Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing, Google Canada (unavailable)

The Five Things I Learned about Disruptive Innovation as an UberX Driver –

Ted Graham, Head of Innovation, GM Canada (unavailable)

Disruptive Technologies: New Opportunities to Reshape your Business

Arun Mani, US Power & Utilities Strategist & Transformation Leader, KPMG

Regulatory Landscape/ Finance

Communications/Corporate Culture

The Role of Regulation in Encouraging/Accommodating Innovation

Travis Allan, Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP

Managing the Digital Customer


Gary Edgar, Principal, East End Digital

Innovative Financing Strategies for Grid Modernization and Community-Scale Microgrids

Glen Martin, CEO & Founder,
Infrastructure Energy

Revolutionizing Corporate Thinking


Kelly Peters, Co-Founder & CEO, BEworks

Moving Towards Sustainable Energy

John Gorman, President & CEO, CanSia

Welcome to the Future Workplace

Lisa Taylor, Founder & President,
Challenge Factory

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Distributed Energy Resources (DER): LDCs Power the Future

Neetika Sathe, Director, Advanced Planning, Alectra Inc.

Hearing from our Future: A Hydro Ottawa Case Study – Youth Engagement

Lyne Parent-Garvey,
Chief Human Resources Officer, Hydro Ottawa